Top E-Commerce Brands Guide

Analyzing $3.5M in sales across 700+ brands

Secondhand e-commerce businesses on platforms like eBay, ShopGoodwill, and Shopify strive for success - and with 20% of daily retail transactions online, data-driven insights are vital for your operations. As leaders in e-commerce solutions, Neatoscan & Upright Labs have harnessed their expertise and advanced software to analyze $3.5M in client sales across 700+ brands in a 7 month period, resulting in our Top E-Commerce Brands Guide.

This resource empowers e-commerce managers with actionable insights to maximize profitability. Download now to support your organization's growth online!

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E-commerce businesses scale faster with Neatoscan & Upright Labs

Solutions to help you scale your e-commerce business, optimize inventory management, increase operational efficiency, and improve online listing.

Experts in secondhand

We transform secondhand e-commerce by expertly launching, streamlining, and scaling. Our experienced team guides you from idea to execution, building engines for multi-million dollar resale success. Our advanced platform simplifies the process, expanding thrift store and retail reach. Seamlessly showcase products, ensuring efficient operations.

This includes:

A team of secondhand e-commerce experts who engage with you from day one

Cohesive roadmap to launch and scale your business

Tech designed to simplify handling of both unique and stock SKUs

Multi-channel listing and inventory management tools

Automated pricing and listing strategies to maximize value

Tools to promote circularity and extend the life of material waste

Software solutions for your e-commerce business

Inventory Management

All-in-one inventory management with real-time insights and flexible selling options.

Listing Efficiency

Automate your listing process with powerful tools that enable variable relisting options.

Integrated Shipping

Get the best shipping rates with multi-carrier integrations for cost efficiency.

Marketplace Integrations

List items on multiple channels for increased visibility and numerous selling options.

Real-time Analytics

Analyze your entire operation: top sales, stores, posters, and fulfillment in one place.

Advanced Reporting

Scale performance with exportable reports and open API for business intelligence.

The Neatoscan & Upright Labs conveyer system scans up to 3,300 items per hour!

Create new revenue with automated resale tools

Seamlessly list books & media on eBay and other marketplaces

Automate the listing process for secondhand & thrift items

Turn your store's returns into a profit center

We've helped thousands of stores scale using eBay

We’re proud of the work we have done with our clients to scale their e-commerce operations

See your business transform

Organizations that partner with Neatoscan & Upright Labs begin to see results immediately. After adding our e-commerce tools and implementing our strategies, secondhand industry leaders have seen these kinds of results:


revenue increase after the first 6 months


bottom line increase in the first month


increase in their store's online listings


added revenue using our online listing strategies

"The expertise that Upright Labs has allows us to take the product that we have and get it to market faster."

Goodwill Partner scaling their e-commerce operation with our software & services

"The software is wonderful. It's streamlined our ability to list things to eBay and other e-commerce websites."

Salvation Army Partner scaling their regional e-commerce hub with our software & services

"This has opened up so many opportunities to broaden our spectrum for a bigger audience."

Habitat ReStore Partner specializing in furniture, home goods, and building supplies

Download the Top E-Commerce Brands Guide

This guide was developed from data created by thousands of sales made with our software. It will provide you with actionable insights to maximize profitability. Download now to support your organization's growth online!

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